About Us

We are a family based company and try to keep life pretty simple.
Our philosophy is pretty simple too:

Good quality product
Affordable prices
Quick shipping

27 years of being in business have testified that a simple philosophy can be pretty effective. 

We'd be honored to have you as a customer.

Many of your questions can be answered below:

1.) What is your absolute minimum order? The first quantity listed in the store is the minimum for each product. We can't go smaller than these quantities.

2.) Do you donate to non-profit organizations? Sorry, we do not give donations. We are blitzed with requests and need to sell products in order to stay in business. You'll find our products to be the lowest priced around.

3.) How soon will the crayons arrive? Normally, your order will ship from our Missouri warehouse 1-2 working days after you place it. If you want to confirm that they will arrive for a specific event, please email us in advance at info@crayonking.com.

4.) Can you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, or Puerto Rico? Sorry, but we only ship to addresses in the 48 contiguous States.

5.) How long are the crayons? Each item varies...please refer to the product description for the length of each specific item.

6.) Which credit cards do you accept? We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, & Amex.

7.) Are these crayons non-toxic? Are they washable? Are they made out of soy? Our crayons conform to the ASTM-D4236 guidelines and pass the guidelines as stated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. They would not be considered washable. Our crayons are made with wax, not soybeans.

8.) Why are your prices so cheap? What's the catch? Are these crayons any good? We have low overhead and prefer that you place your orders online. This saves us money and allows us to charge less than others. The quality of our crayons would best be described as "good". They are not the poor quality crayons that don't color well, but they also are not as good as the high priced popular brand that teachers use (which is why we are one-half to one-third the price). Our crayons are a great "in between" quality crayon...perfect for giving out to kids, but yet being high enough quality so that they are appreciated.

9.) Can I return the products if I don't like them or don't need them? Sorry, we don't accept returns.

10.) Do you only sell to restaurants? Do you offer discounts for resellers? We sell to anyone who needs at least 1 case. Resellers, please note that most of our products do say "CrayonKing.com" on them.  No permission is given to you to list the products that you purchase from us on Amazon.com in any configuration or variation.

11.) How can I contact you? We respond promptly to emails sent to: